Welcome to Le Grand Large...

A magical and relaxing place...

The hotel was created in 1965 by Madame and Monsieur MOREAU, who had the incredible courage, and lived the crazy adventure of creating an upscale hotel on one of the most beautiful beaches of the Ile d’Oleron. They will run it for more than 30 years (in family), leading it to the top of the hotel in the French style (hotel Relais et Châteaux, 2 Michelin stars restaurant).

Arrived in 2009, a family from the south of France, fell in love with this hotel which was forgotten and abandoned. Its unique location facing the ocean, set on the beach in a wild and natural space, its architecture “Le Corbusier” conquered them, they decided to rebuilt the hotel and make it live again.

A year of tough work, and in 2011, a new 4-star establishment opened its doors… A few years will be necessary to find its feet, know its customers and their needs, as well as training a new team.

Today, you will meet Valerie, at the reception who runs the hotel and manage the team as a mom, always listening to customers. There is also Nina, the granny who comes a week per month, it’s a little the grandmother of the house and the staff, the friend of the regular customers. There is also Sophie and Yoan, the children of the house, who will welcome you and will listen to you to spend a moment of sweetness and relaxation.

Buffet-style Breakfast

Served in a room which offers a beautiful view of the ocean, breakfast is served from 8am to 10am and includes a hot / cold / salty / sweet buffet.

You will find homemade baking / home-made fruit salad / but also pastries, yogurts / boiled or scrambled eggs / smoked salmon and many other sweets.

The breakfast rate is 20 € / adult and 9 € / child -12 years old / breakfast is free for children under 6 years old.

Breakfast in the room costs 27 € / person. »

Wifi access

Free and available in the hotel, the wifi access is redone in spring 2018 to benefit in each place of this service. 

Note that, we are on an island, and sometimes according to the frequentation of the island (especially in summer), the number of summer visitors multiplying the population of the island by 10, it happens that internet connections encounter difficulties because the network might be full …

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